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  • Butterfly Valves Sleeve Lined, Wafer Design (EPDM, Viton, Silicon Seated) Replacable
  • Butterfly Valves Teflon Seated
  • Butterfly Valves Metal To Metal Seated
  • Butterfly Valves M.S. Fabricated in Higher Sizes Due Eccentric Type
  • Knife Gate Valves (Wafer Type)
  • Pulp Stock Valves (Knife Gate Wafer Design)
  • M.S. Fabricated Syrup Separators

  • Nonreturn Valves (Wafer Type Check Valves)
  • M.S. Fabricated Right Angle Valves
  • M.S. Fabricated Straight Flow Globe Valves
  • M.S. Fabricated Dead Weight Safety Valves
  • M.S. Fabricated Steam Jacketed Sulphur Melt Valves
  • Wash Water Control Valves With Single Acting Pneumatic Actuator
  • Sluice, Gate, Globe Valves

Industrial Valves