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We would like to introduce "p.s.engineers" as a leader in the field of manufacturing of industrial a brand name of ps-maxflow valves
P. S. Engineers offers a complete range of industrial valves such as.

  • Butterfly valves sleeve lined, wafer design. (epdm, viton,silicon seated) replaceable
  • Butterfly valves teflon seated
  • Butterfly valves metal to metal seated
  • Butterfly valves m.s. fabricated in higher sizes due eccentric type
  • Pulp stock valve (knife gate wafer design)
  • Knife gate valves (wafer type)
  • Knife gate valve with double acting pneumatic air cylinder for silo machines
  • Non return valves (wafer type check valves)
  • M. S. fabricated right angle valves
  • M. S. fabricated straight flow globe valves
  • M. S. fabricated dead weight safety valves
  • M. S. fabricated steam jacketed sulpher melt valves
  • Wash water control valves with single acting pneumatic actuator
  • Cast iron non rising spindle sluice valves as per is 14846/1, is 780 , size 25mm to 500mm
  • Cast iron rising spindle gate valves size: 25mm to 500mm
  • Cast iron globe valve, flanged ends, 25mm to 350mm in size
  • Cast iron/ m.s.fabricated double beat valve flange ends, size : 150mm & 200mm
  • Cast iron non return valve (ruflex type) 25mm to 500mm
  • Safety pressure relief valve set pr. 0 to 20 kg/cm2 flange and screwed ends

Range : Butterfly valve 25mm to 2400mm. temp: up to 220°c. test pressures up to: pn-6, pn-10, pn-16 our valves are suitable for steel, paper, sugar, medical laboratory, water & chemical treated industries, gases & vapor, air, dust like products, liquids, containing solids, food, oils, milks, & food products, acids, crude oil, petrochemical products, refineries, distillers, fertilizers & ash handling units.

We also undertake of reconditioning & repairs of all types of vales of other makes. for any technical details call on our above nos. we shall quote our most reasonable prices, if you can send us your requirements